Review: MadeOn Hard Lotion and Lip Balm.

I first heard of Made On products here, at Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom. While I am not gluten free, I obtain lots of information and inspiration from fellow allergy bloggers. Corn free beauty products are few and far between, believe me. There always seems to be citric acid or xanthan gum in whatever I try to buy. So I ordered some lip balm and hard lotion from them. It was easy to order via PayPal, and they shipped ridiculously fast.
I don’t know about you, but I have NEVER seen a lotion OR a lipbalm with just three ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter: something I would make myself if I could. It’s great and really seems to seal the moisture in.
I didn’t know how I would take to the concept of a hard lotion; it’s in a solid bar form, meaning it depends on your body temperature to melt it as you roll it on. So far, my alligator legs and feet are lovin’ it! When I got a pedicure a few weeks ago, the lady asked what I use because I am the only person she has seen recently with zero calluses. People, THAT is amazing, considering I live in orthotics. Give Made On products a try!

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